My (not-so) Essential Supplements

My (not-so) Essential Supplements Starting out with this blog post, I have to say outright; Supplements should be the last thing anyone should consider using to improve their diet quality. Address food first; improve food quality, vary your portion sizes, and aim to be consistent […]



My Fat Loss Diet

I’ve mentioned this in a few previous emails, but in case you missed it; I’ve been on a Fat Loss plan for the last 6 weeks or so (with another 2 to go) Not because I want to get leaner for anything in particular, I […]

5 Things I Learned from my First Powerlifting Competition

So this is probably the first time I’ve ever used the Blog as an actual blog. I’ve been waffling on about this Powerlifting competition for a while now, and it’s finally come and gone. Fantastic day overall, with probably the most supportive group of people […]

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Diet VS Exercise

Diet Vs Exercise

Diet Vs Exercise, Which is More Important? I get asked quite a bit, which is more important; diet or exercise? Is it 30-70, 50-50, 80-20? I promise there’s an answer coming….I just have to rant a little first When we ask, which is more important? […]

Fat Loss Without Eating Less or Exercising More

  I’ve talked about this a million times, if you want to lose body fat; Calorie is King. Every. Single. Time. There’s plenty of fancy ways we can manipulate Macronutrient intake (Carb, Protein, Fat), nutrient Timing, or even Supplements; but if you’re not in a […]



How To Eat More While Losing Weight

I started working with the members of Revolution Fitness over the past month, and I have the great opportunity to run plenty of in-house Q&A sessions. One question really stood out to me, and it’s one I’ve heard over and over again. ‘What should I eat […]

Homemade Hangover Cure

As much as I encourage people to scale back on alcohol intake (that’s my inner nutritionist speaking), I’m not naive to the fact that we’re human, and we all do have the occasional drink (that’s my inner Irishman speaking). So it’s important we put some […]

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Dieting Made Easy

You know what my least favourite part of Dieting is? The prep I know eating a portion of lean meat, with some nutrient dense greens is gonna help my body. And I know if it’s there in front of me, I’ll have no trouble knocking […]

Carb Cycling 101

I get asked about Carb Cycling all the time, and it’s one of my favourite nutritional strategies for creating Fat Loss. But, it sounds a whole lot sexier than it actually is. Should you use Carb Cycling for Weight Loss? Read on to find out… […]



The #1 Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

Some of the most frustrating conversation I’ve had in my career have been with people who want to see the numbers on the scales go down, but without having any concern whatsoever for their body composition or health. Lately I’ve been hearing this from a […]