Dieting Made Easy

You know what my least favourite part of Dieting is? The prep

I know eating a portion of lean meat, with some nutrient dense greens is gonna help my body. And I know if it’s there in front of me, I’ll have no trouble knocking it back. But knowing something, and actually doing it are completely different.

I’m gonna make myself an omelette for lunch most days this week; it’s quick (ish), tastes good, full of nutrient, and it’s really easy to mix up veggies for different flavours & textures.

BUT, there’s a lot of steps to take before it ends up on my plate, and I know if I’m not prepared in advance it just won’t happen. These are a few of the things that usually trip me up, and how I deal with them!

  1. Are the ingredients in the Apartment?Egg

This goes without saying, but it’s almost so obvious that it needs to be pointed out. If I put off buying the ingredients for my lunch, I’m not gonna be able to eat it. When it rolls around to lunch time, and there’s no good food available, I’m gonna opt for convenience. Bad-times.

At the start of each week I make sure to stock up on enough food for all my meals. This involves a bit of forward planning for how your week is gonna look, and at the very least a loose structure of 1)the numbers of meals you’re gonna eat, and 2) what’s gonna be included in them.  If the food is in the house, I know I’ve eliminated another excuse.

  1. photo-1444952483853-7c36e902e722Do I need to Prep the Ingredients?

Not to sound really lazy, but I hate chopping shit up. Really. This is probably my least favourite part of making meals because it requires 100% attention. So I need to be smart to avoid letting it get the better of me.

Pre-chopped Veg/Meats are a lifesaver. Buying pre-prepared is as good as buying a ready-made meal in my eyes. You throw it in to the pan, and boom, it’s done. If I’m feeling especially lazy or tired, I know I can fall back on to this option.

Pre-chopping foods myself at the beginning of the week saves me a huuuge amount of time too. I cut up everything I need at the start of the week and keep in tupperware. Now instead of chopping, cleaning & cooking; I only need to grab a handful from the fridge and I’m done. By investing a little more time at once, I’ve saved myself 5-10 minutes across 4 days of the week.

  1. How many times have I eaten this Meal?

Call me a fussy eater, but if I have the same meal too many days in a row; I won’t eat it. Brining this back to the omelette I’m making for lunch, one of the advantages is that I vary up the ingredients without much trouble at all. Swapping our peppers for mushroom, or ham for chicken changes up the flavours & textures without any

Nutrient wise, the food is almost identical; but appetite wise I’ll be much happier eating it. If I don’t make it easy for myself to eat the food, even after I’ve gone through the trouble of prepping, it’s not worth a tap.

Intentions are only as useful as their application, and I’ve learned this the hard way.

These are my weak points, but it could be something else for you. Address what your biggest obstacle is in creating change, and write out a Plan A, B & C for facilitating that change.

  • What is stopping you?
  • How can you remove this obstacle?
  • Is there anyone who can help?

Failing to prep in advance gives you 1 more reason not to make a good decision. When we do the hard work in advance, we’re facilitating positive change. All of a sudden, making good food choices becomes the easy option :)

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