Fat Loss Without Eating Less or Exercising More


I’ve talked about this a million times, if you want to lose body fat; Calorie is King. Every. Single. Time. There’s plenty of fancy ways we crunningan manipulate Macronutrient intake (Carb, Protein, Fat), nutrient Timing, or even Supplements; but if you’re not in a calorie deficit, you fat stores aren’t going anywhere.

The nutrient we get from food does a huge amount to support our bodies, they keep us healthy, boost our immune system, support performance (at home, in work & in training) and we also enjoy food (which needs to be respected in any diet).

Plus, if you’re training well, and you need these nutrients to recover; it’s pretty difficult to find any wiggle room to reduce these nutrients.

Often we don’t always have to reduce Calories & Nutrients coming in to lose body fat; we can just as easily increase calories going out.

Have a think, how would you expend more calories?





Most of us jump straight to exercise, only because many of us associate going to the gym with that flashing red number on the treadmill telling you how many calories you’ve burned.

The truth is this only makes us a pretty small portion of the energy you burn across the entire week (as long as you’re not a professional athlete).

For all us regular people, we have something else that burns off a whoooole lot of energy that we usually don’t consider; NEAT. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis; the energy you burn while doing everything between sleeping and deliberate exercise (e.g. shopping, cleaning, cooking, gardening etc).

How many hours a week do you spend exercising? 3-6 hours? On average we have 113 waking hours per week, and is you put those 3-6 hours in to context, it’s pretty damn small.

We’ve got another 107 hours we can use to make a huuuge difference for our bodies.



Activity Calorie Expenditure over 20 minutes1
Walking 72kcal
Stair Climbing 170kcal
Cycling 89kcal
Standing 27kcal
Sitting 20kcal

1Figures are based off a reference 70Kg male, varies with weight & intensity



Calories aside, these little pieces of extra activity do wonders for your posture, mobility (Vs sitting) metabolic health & mental health; even if fat loss isn’t a goal there’s still benefits to moving often.

The differences between standing and sitting may seem tiny over 20 minutes, when you put that in to the context of how many hours you spend sitting across the entire day, week, month or even year, it adds up significantly. For the average desk job, it adds up to roughly 550 kcal per week!

Here’s the homework, what can you commit to each day to add more activity in to your lifestyle?doggy running

Start with something you know you can commit to; rather than saying use the stairs instead of the lift every time, you could tell yourself to start using the stairs twice daily. This way, if you miss an opportunity to use the stairs, the whole process won’t get thrown out.

Write down the exact process you can commit to doing each day;

  • Walk an additional 30 minutes each day
  • Use the Stairs x4 times daily
  • Replace x2 hours sitting with standing
  • Cycle to and from the Gym

Commit to something manageable, and build on this with other habits. Track these activities each week, and gauge your progress. Stick with the process and you’ll have created a Healthier Body & Fat Loss without evening touching your diet, or spending an extra second in the Gym.

These habit based changes are just one of many tools I teach clients to use to create a healthier, happier, sustainable approach to Fat Loss & Improving Sports Performance. We work together over at least 4 weeks to teach you the methods, and also why these methods work. The idea is to make you your own nutritionist, and spot the BS a mile away.

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Worst case, if we have a chat and we’re not suited to working together. I’ll give you a Free nutrition handout to help improve your diet straight away :)