Group Workshop Testimonials

To be honest before I started attending the workshops I was miserable as my diet was so restrictive it was effecting myimage (1) life and I found myself falling into the trap of being really strict for periods in time and then binging as it was too difficult to maintain the low levels of cabs and even calories.

I used to think I ate loads but I think I have doubled the amount of food and even the variety of food I am eating since I started attending the workshops. I have learnt that food is a fuel for our body but it does so much else for us.  I also learnt that there are other factors effecting weight loss like stress or lack of sleep which I was amazed at. I feel I learnt more in the four weeks than I did in years of dieting.

Thank you so much for everything over the last few weeks I genuinely believe I have changed my whole mind set around food and I no longer panic if I eat something that I shouldn’t or go out to lunch unexpected I just try make it work.  You are a breath of fresh air in the nutritional industry and I am just raging I didn’t meet you years ago (it may have saved me a lot of heart ache and money).

Kim, Beat The BS Client




Even though some of the content was brand new to me the 40thinformation was presented in a very clear and concise manner and it flowed in a natural order. The handouts, teamed with the visual presentation was excellent!

I have a new perspective on how dieting is actually about not restricting foods! Its not about Low carb, low fat, high protein etc! And that actually food has a million more functions for the body than just losing or putting on weight!

I really loved every part of the 4 weeks, from being a small group and making some new friends, to the banter and of course the content which was so simple and refreshing! The 1.5 hours flew in each week!

The course exceeded my expectations and was enjoyable on top! Clear concise simple nutritional information!

Sarah, Beat The BS Client




For ages all i’ve wanted is to be able to have a clear idea of what my ideal macros are. This course really emphasises that macros are REAL food!! And that we should be eating really well, and not dieting. It was great that we did get to chat about such fads, and dispel the BS!

Honestly can’t really fault anything…..think that everything helped me!!pamela

Everything was broken down and explained nicely, but also in a way that it was too simple either! So good balance there :)

I learned exactly how to calculate my macros – you have no idea how lone i’ve wanted to do this!! Creating a diet time-line….really good idea and very helpful!!

Eating lots of really good, filling nutritious foods = happier pam and better body comp :)

The macro calculator and learning how to look up different foods is invaluable.

This was an invaluable experience that teaches you to eat real foods to see real results J no dieting, guilt factor or BS! Really thoroughly enjoyed it Eamon.  Don’t really have any negative feedback at all, if you are to continue doing what you did for us you’re onto a great thing :) no faults at all!

Pamela, Beat The BS Client




IMG_1858I felt all the class material was easy to understand both in and outside of class to refresh my memory of what we had covered. The calculator spreadsheet is really helpful and some I will always use when setting goal.

It’s a massive overhaul of the way we think about food and nutrition, it’s difficult and scary for anybody who has struggled with their weight.  I think the course is full of information and its goal I think is to try change your way of thinking when it comes to food which it did.

The course met my expectations and more. Eamon is extremely approachable which you don’t come across often in the fitness world (sorry). Eamon is non-judgemental and super empowering, he meets people where they’re at and wants people to set realistic, achievable goals that will get them where they want to be.

We were a chatty group and threw every question under the sun at Eamon and he dealt with each one with ease, like water off a ducks back.

I’m not quite there yet but I am definitely changing my relationship with food, in the past I have been an “all or nothing” type of dieter and I’m really hoping those days are coming to an end.  I don’t want to diet anymore, I want fuel my body to work well and look well & I can get results without starving or depriving myself of what I enjoy eating.

Being in a group and knowing that everyone has similar struggles. It’s comforting to know that you aren’t the only one who battles with sugar addictions and poor sleeping patterns.

Overall I found the course really informative and Eamon extremely calm and approachable, I hope to see Eamon in the future to set some personal goals.

Sara, Beat The BS Client




I had no difficulty in understanding the class content as it was all put very understandably easy and there was no hesitation about asking questions as everything was taken on board and explained by eamon

I did struggle with the counting the grams of food when it came to doing fat carb and protein all together. I found that buying the recommended book carbs and cals really helped with me understaning food and took the complexity and struggle out of thinking.

I was expecting something different but i was surprised by how relaxed and open it all was. i was prepared for someone to ram more info down my throat but that never happened i think very differently about food now which i the best thing i have gained for myself in the last 2 years. I loved everything and the program was well researched

I learned that food be it carbs or protien is not th enemy, & I gained confidence and understanding of how for works to work for me. I learned the other factors that relate to weight gain that arent all just about food, i.e. stress, digestive system. Plus, I’m no longer afraid of food

The course educated me in a positive way and uneducated the BS out of me. I really enjoyed the whole experience and feel that that type of food education is the only way forward for people in the future. Its a very simple way to understand what goes in your mouth


Leanne, Beat The BS Client