Homemade Hangover Cure

As much as I encourage people to scale back on alcohol intake (that’s my inner nutritionist speaking), I’m not naive to the fact that we’re human, and we all do have the occasional drink (that’s my inner Irishman speaking).photo-1453825012366-3738046cb6c7

So it’s important we put some rehydration strategies in place to help you get back to your usual self. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, these exact same strategies can be used after training, during hot weather, or if you feel a dehydration headache coming on.

Did you know water isn’t really effective at rehydrating the body?

It does rehydrate over a long period of time, but for the most part we pee it all back out. It’s fantastic for keeping us hydrated, not so much for rehydrating.

When we add electrolytes & glucose to water; it instantly becomes far more effective.

Here’s a very simple, low calorie recipe you can use to rehydrate any time of the day.


  • 500ml Water
  • Sprinkle of Ground Rock Salt
    • Emphasis on sprinkle, too much salt can make you vomit
    • The more colourful the better,
  • A Squeeze of lemon/lime juice

Aaaand that’s it; you’ve just made yourself a hypotonic drink. Perfect for rehydration!rock salt

Equally, you can just as easily head over to the shop and get some lucozade sport, or some milk. Both are far better options than water as far as rehydration goes.

Give it a go, and let me know how you’re getting on :)

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