In House Services

In-House Gym Consulting

Lovett Nutrition specialises in long-term nutrition education & behavioural change. I work with clients to explain the requirements, methods & tools of nutrition which will help them create long-term results.

Let’s be clear on one thing; I will not be handing out generic diet plans to anyone. Nutritional change is all about creating balance, positive choices and decisions that support your body & training; I work with clients to develop these improvements, rather than giving them a cookie-cutter chicken & broccoli meal plan.¬†revfit talk

  • What’s Included?
    • Monthly In-House Group Consult
    • Monthly Q&A Recorded Video
    • Food Diary Feedback for your Clients
    • Private Nutrition Support Group
    • Distance Support
    • Nutrition Support Materials


How many Clients can take part?

  • In-house group Q&A are completely uncapped, the more the better. It’s a great chance to check in with individual clients, and see where they are with progress.

What’s Involved with the Recorded Q&A?

  • Clients submit Questions online, either by email, Facebook, Google Forms, whatsapp etc. I answer everything in a recorded video (with slides) explaining the why behind their questions, and also what they need to do in order to act on it.

What happens between Q&A Sessions?

  • Clients have email access, and a private Facebook group specific to your facility to ask for help, celebrate success and share ideas at any time.
  • I always encourage clients to submit a Food Diary at least once a month to provide accountability, continuous feedback and continuous results.

What do you do with the client’s Food Diary?

  • I provide individual feedback and actionable advice for clients, so they know exactly what they need to do to see an improvement immediately!
  • Rather than giving them a set meal plan, Food Diary feedback allows us to educate clients, and help them make better choices without second guessing themselves.

Is there anything else included?

Yep! You’ll get full access to the Lovett Nutrition Intro guide to Nutrition, Food & Nutrient resources, and nutrition support for coaches too.

How do we get started?

  • You can email , or fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page

In-House Seminars

Rather than talking for an hour, and doing a 30 minute Q&A after; I encourage a 90 minute guided talk with discussion throughout.

bodynamics TalkClients can air out their concerns, discuss their own experiences, and help each other learn throughout. This is a great opportunity to tease out any preconceptions that might be holding back your clients, and stopping them from fully following our plan.

What Topics can we Cover?

  • Eating for Fat Loss: Setting Priorities
  • Eating Smart to get Jacked
    • Nutrient Strategies for Strength Sports & Hypertrophy
  • Fuelling Endurance Performance
    • Nutrition for Marathons & Triathlons
  • Eating for Performance on the Pitch
    • Team Sports Nutrition

Is there anything else included?

  • ¬†Full supporting materials are handed out with each Seminar to help guide clients continue to make changes long after each Seminar
  • Follow Up distance support is available after each Seminar too (because most clients have questions after they start to apply the advice)