before snip scotlandSo over the four months I trained with Eamon, he taught me many things including how to swim, how to eat right, how to train right, recovery from training and races, amongst many other hurdles along the journey – but the key thing was nutrition.  It was a lifestyle change and Eamon was very accommodating with my likes, dislikes, and particularly my food intolerances.  Eamon helped me to understand what foods to eat when and also how my body uses the different foods, it opened my eyes to understanding why my body felt tired, hungry, lethargic, energetic, clean or simply just feeling well – it all came down to what I was eaten and when.  There was no cutting this or that food, it was simply a matter of when and how much.

The second key thing Eamon taught me was how to train properly…  For years I havechristine white dress been using the gym, classes, bootcamp, personal trainers etc, but I discovered I wasn’t doing the exercises and weights properly which was causing me injury, fatigue and a hit and miss pattern of attendance.  Eamon was gentle (and very patient) in his approach to reteaching me the techniques, and together I was able to increase my weight on various exercises which felt really good.

Now for the numbers which I am very proud of!  I lost 4.4 kilos which doesn’t seem like much but the numbers to follow are what really mattered…  I lost a total of 28.05cms off my body dimensions, 18.7% Body Fat, 18.25% Fat Mass, and I gained 13.85% Lean Body Mass.  I looked great and more importantly I felt great, my clothes fit me again and I felt a confidence I hadn’t felt in years!

Thank you Eamon, you have become a good friend, and also an inspiration to me.  The money spend on training with you over the months was absolutely well worth it.  I highly recommend your services to anyone who is thinking about making this lifestyle change and learning about how to do it.

Christine Watson, One-On-One Client




I contacted Eamon in the hope of learning and understanding IIFYM. I found the online calculators to be confusing and gave up on them. Eamon took the confusion right out of it and calculated my macros after our initial consultation. Before we got down to following IIFYM we discussed my current diet and lifestyle.

I thought what I was eating was as healthy as you could get but after discussing some health issues ‘insulin’ related, Eamon immediately found room for improvement. Each week for 6 weeks we made little changes but these changes had a big impact on my body. I started eating to my macro limits and followed his workout plan 3 times a week. Before this I was continuously bloated, I was a yoyo, up 7lb, down 7lb, never making progress.

My weight loss was slow but consistent and to be honest to see the scales go in the right direction was an amazing feeling and still is. I’m continuing in the right direction with the tools and advice Eamon has given me. I feel so much more educated about the science behind it all and I wish I contacted him sooner. It certainly pays to get professional advice and guidance.

Thank you Eamon for your continued support, I am finally on the right track and couldn’t have done it without you :)

Lisa Mulvey, Online Client



“I’ve been working with eamon over the past 17-20 weeks I first needed eamons help after my 3rd bikini show I had heard everyone raving about flexible dieting and I had still been scared to eat carbs in case of gaining weight but yet found my self dangerously bingeing after about 4 /5 days of eating clean or what I taught was clean not only did I have issue’s wit eating but I also was unable to sleep for weeks on end (6 to be exact).

I told eamon I was worried as I had gained so much weight for this also and felt very unwell he took me under his wing it was not one bit easy I found my self very bloated starting off and took up to 17 weeks to see a change in my body visually…but well worth it.

I have learned to eat with out guilt and to eat within my macros at one point I gave up I felt so low and fat the competition diets were just to much for me at least now I can live within reason and sleep and look good all at the same time …. it was not an easy journey for me but eamon never left my side 100% support and I am forever great full he has become my lifeline. He’s taught me that everything can be corrected over time”

Sabrina Conlon, One-On-One Client