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Hi! If you’re interested in working with me (Eamon) one-on-one, I have a few different options available, depending on Eamonn-Lovett-min-e1420453975118what you’re looking to achieve.

1-On-1 Consult

If you just have some general questions, and you want some guidance for your next step, this is a great opportunity to figure out your game plan. We can chat in person, or by phone, Skype, Facetime or  Google Hangouts; location is not an excuse! :)

This is ideal for someone who has a good grasp on their nutrition, but needs a nudge in the right direction. I’ll send you on a full recap and any notes of our session afterward.

If you’re looking to get more clued in on certain nutritional strategies (e.g. Macronutrient Requirements, Intermittent Fasting, Flexible Dieting, Carb cycling etc), this is a great option for you too.

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Dnotebook_pen_hiresiet Reboot Program (€280)

Do you worry about eating the right foods, eating at the right time of the day, or avoid eating out with friends? What if I told you nutrition doesn’t need to be this complicated?

I used to think the rules of eating were set in stone if you wanted to see the best results; but after years of practice, I know good nutrition is actually really simple. The Diet Reboot program is designed for anyone looking to gain, or regain control over their food & lifestyle. You receive 4 Weekly Master Classes with Eamon Lovett, supporting materials and the accountability to get you on your feet.

We cover the essentials of Fat Loss, Gaining Muscle, Improving Performance & Managing your Health while working toward your goal. The program is designed to put you in control of your Diet, and to become your own nutritionist. If I put myself out of business, I know I’ve done my job.apply here

The Diet Reboot program helps you regain control over food, and helps you fit it in with your lifestyle (rather than food taking over your life) in just 4 weeks.

I can guarantee 100% that you will know how to set up your diet to achieve your goal, while still being healthy, happy & more confident in managing your food. After working together for the first 10 days, if you’re not sure this is for you, I’ll refund every penny.

Join the 100s of people that have already worked with Lovett Nutrition and take control of your Nutrition for good.


 4 Week Nutrition Strategy (€150)photo-1424847651672-bf20a4b0982b

For anyone who wants a little more guidance, we can work together to draw up a structured nutritional strategy to get you started.

We meet for a consult, and discuss your dietary history, food preferences and draw up a rough plan for you to work on for the next 4 weeks. After this, I’ll draw up a structured report with meals ideas, food options and build in flexibility to make sure you’re not restricted.

Consults can be done in Person, by Skype or even by phone; with follow up email support while you’re following the program.

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Online Education Program

Are you wondering where to start when it comes to Weight Loss? Confused by all the conflicting information online?

Nutrition 101I know, I was there only a few years ago. For every person saying don’t eat carbs after 6pm, there’s another  person telling you to only eat beforehand!

On average 80-90% of dieters regain any weight they have lost, and it’s time we put a stop to that.

I’m going to cover the basics of what you really need to know to create long-term sustainable weight loss, without any gimmicks, fads, or quick fix diets! (guess what? you can eat Carbs whenever you want!)

Nutrition 101 for Weight Loss helps you set up your diet for long-lasting results, without the confusion and without buying expensive shakes, supplements or magic pills.

If you don’t know exactly how to lose weight by the end of this course, I will refund every penny without any fuss!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, numerous Private gyms, and even consult on Online Programs to help create long term Weight Loss without compromising health (because good nutrition should always support your body & lifestyle).

Over 5 Sections We’ll Cover;

  • The #1 Rule of Weight Loss
  • Setting Up Your Macros for Success
  • Eating for Health, while Losing Weight
  • Setting Up your Food to Create Results

Are There Any Bonuses?

  • The Lovett Nutrition Macronutrient Calculator
    • Calculate your Nutrient needs in Seconds
  • Free Online Support
    • Got a burning Question? Throe me a message and I’ll reply within 48hours
  • Hands on Learning, to know How to apply Nutrition to Food
  • A warm welcome to the Lovett Nutrition Family!